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Scott Keck began his broadcasting career in St. Louis in high school radio, earning an FCC Third Class License at 14. College radio and the Broadcast Journalism BA program at University of Missouri/Columbia followed, then a couple of years as a producer and technical director for the local ABC-TV station. After a year as a radio news director, Scott headed to California to study Improvisational Theatre. Scott has spent the last 25 years in San Francisco learning, teaching, and performing Improv with many groups, including 15 years with Flash Family, SF’s longest-running improv company; 5 years at BATS Improv; and he’s a current member of Those Improv Guys and the cast of the long-running hit show “How We First Met”.

Along with radio and improv, Scott has years of experience in voice acting. His credits include radio/TV commercials in Missouri; radio spots in San Francisco, Monterey and Sacramento; voices for numerous PlayStation & Nintendo games; an animated web cartoon and other voices for web sites during the dot-com boom; and voices for the animated features “Tech Deck Dudes: The Movie” and “Zzzrrds”.

Scott records and produces numerous “radio” and “TV” spots for EMS Solutions to use in their EOC and Disaster Preparedness simulations. Whether it’s a terrorist bombing, fire, flood, tornado or even the bird flu, Scott’s live-on-the-scene spots add the urgency of realistic, breaking news to every training. Whether it’s a British accent on BBC World News, or a hint of Boston in his voice, Scott brings local flavor to corporate and government exercises. Scott’s the go-to guy when EMS Solutions wants extra impact in our presentations.