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At EMSS, we strongly believe in the concept of knowledge transfer…the transfer of knowledge from consultant to client. To the maximum degree possible, are clients are always included as part of the process and engaged in such a way that information is transferred to the client versus “leaving with the consultant.”

We carry that same principal into sharing our materials…information that others might benefit from. We are all better – our companies, our communities, and our families – if we all are more prepared for the unexpected and we all have good, solid information.

Are you looking for one of our recent articles or white papers, or perhaps some education materials on family or pandemic preparedness? Take a moment to click on the following links for a look at what is there.


Articles that Regina Phelps has written that have appeared in journals and other publications.


Interviews and speeches from conferences and links to webinars.


Regina Phelps speaks at over ten conferences a year. Often materials are posted here and are available for download.


Speeches, interviews, resources, and other video content.

White Papers

Regina Phelps has written numerous white papers on a variety of topics. You will find those all here.