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Larry Yant spent 45 years working in the news business, 38 years as a newspaper editor, reporter and photographer and then seven years as an editor with digital news operations. Among the newspapers he worked for were the Orange County Register, the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle. On the digital side, he worked for Major League Baseball’s and He graduated with a mass communications degree from California State University Chico back when it was still called Chico State.

For EMSS, he edits all sorts of documents, with the simple goal of keeping company writing, simple, clean and direct. Calling on his many years of experience in the news business, he writes broadcast scripts and social media postings that EMSS uses to bring a touches of reality to client exercises. He also creates and puts words into the mouths of the many cyber villains who have challenged EMSS clients during exercises.

When he’s not devising ways to wreak havoc on EMSS clients, the San Francisco resident of more than 30 years enjoys reading, gardening and being a member of the dying breed who still like to read news printed on paper.