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The Issue

Crisis Management is the ‘glue’ that holds your company together during any unplanned situation. What type of Crisis Management plan and team  do you currently have in place? How does it interface with your emergency response, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans? Who participates? How are decisions made? How is it organized? These questions, among many others, must be answered for your company to respond in a timely and appropriate manner.

What You Should Know

The Incident Command System (ICS) structure is a road-tested, well-thought-out management system used to handle any kind or size of event. It has been used effectively in fire and other first responder services for over 35 years, and now is used increasingly in the private sector as an efficient way to organize a company’s response.

Why should your company consider ICS? It mitigates risks by providing accurate information, strict accountability, planning and cost-effective operations, and logistical support for any incident. The ICS structure has considerable flexibility, and is scalable up or down to meet differing needs of different events. The larger your organization, the more locations you have, the more reason you would have to consider an ICS format for your incident response.

Although ICS is not the only incident response structure available, it is the one that most easily meshes with public infrastructure and response.

How Can EMSS Help?

Emergency Management & Safety Solutions uses the ICS structure as the foundation for developing an Incident Management process, but will assess your company’s specific needs and modify as necessary. EMSS can guide your company through the process, and can also develop Incident Management exercises through Emergency Exercises.

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