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Global Mining Company

Executed a Business Impact Analysis for a Canadian-­based mining company that included seven sites (headquarters office, mine, smelter, refineries, recycling plants). Examined all processes executed at each site, quantified their loss over time and other pertinent risk profile data, and assigned a Recovery Time Objective (“RTO”) to each process. Using this RTO data as a baseline, assisted each site in developing business process recovery strategies, and documented recovery procedures as Business Continuity Plans. EMSS also designed and facilitated an exercise at each site to give site management and key staff an opportunity to examine the new plans from the perspective of responding to a disaster.

Global Software Company

Documented all business processes executed by departments located in the West Coast headquarters office to establish their relative time­to­recovery priorities in the event of a general business disruption. The scope of the project included both line­of­business and service/support departments. The final report for this project contained a complete inventory of business processes, the Recovery Time Objective assigned to each process, process interdependencies, and a list of all technology services each process relied upon. This information was then used as a foundation for creating business process recovery strategies, as well as Business Continuity Plans that documented recovery procedures and key resources required to execute the procedures.

Global Manufacturer

Created a detailed business process recovery plan to support the relocation of 400+ employees and their families from a metropolitan office environment to a recovery location approximately 300 miles away. The plan encompassed all logistical support considerations associated with the relocation, including space allocation within temporary office trailers, utility services into the camp, housing for employees and their families, food services, transportation in/around the camp area, and camp administration. The plan also addressed considerations for employee support following a major disaster including employee and family counseling, financial support, and availability of community service organizations.

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