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The Issue

A comprehensive business continuity program is made up of several related parts, ranging from business process recovery to crisis communications to technology recovery. Too often, developing a program starts with creating tactical response plans – diving immediately into the details of recovery, without first planning the program as a whole. This is equivalent to building a house by diving immediately into construction without first creating an overall plan: the results probably be disappointing!

What You Should Know

To ensure that all of the components of the program are fully integrated, and to also ensure that the program doesn’t become a dust-covered binder sitting long-forgotten in a remote closet, EMSS strongly recommends that organizations create a business continuity program governance document. This document includes the organization’s business continuity policy, operational structure, management oversight protocols, and continuous improvement procedures that help ensure the program remains current and viable over time.

How EMSS Can Help

EMSS can facilitate workshops with the company’s management team designed to define the program and create the high-level policies and procedures that will be used to create and sustain the program over time.

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