ConcordiaIf you have read my blog before you have noted that I have written numerous posts about the debacle known as the Costa Concordia…one of the great examples of a man-made disaster gone awry (on so many levels!). The Captain, Francesco Schettino has sworn under oath that he slipped and fell off the ship into a lifeboat just before the massive ship sank Jan. 13, 2012. However in Schettino’s trial in Italy on manslaughter, abandoning ship and other charges, a trainee officer testified that he jumped into a lifeboat. The testimony counters Schettino’s previous story!

The trainee officer, Stefano Iannelli, said he was part of a human chain that rescued at least five people. But when the officers could “no longer see any passengers,” he, along with Schettino and four others, jumped onto a lifeboat.” Moments later, the deck they were on was underwater.

And in the story that just keeps on giving…four divers working on the salvage operation were arrested for embarking the ship after dark to look for souvenirs, according to press reports from overseas. They were fired and will face charges in Italy.

You can’t make this stuff up! ;-)