Hurricane Sandy 2381667B
Sandy preparing to go “ashore” in New Jersey.

What is the BCP Trifecta you say?!?!  As we all know, most business continuity plans deal with three potential losses:  loss of building, loss of people and loss of technology or data.  Hurricane Sandy could result in all three!  With the move towards “work from home” as the only work area recovery solution for many companies, when there are wide spread power outages, the company could find itself in a very vulnerable position.  The next few days may prove quite interesting.

Bank Info Security interviewed me today about Hurricane Sandy with a very specific question – How can BCP managers rise to the occasion and really “shine” in managing this challenging situation.  If you are curious as to what I had to say, here is the link to take a listen.

Hurricane Sandy: Triple-Threat Disaster Storm Challenges Business Continuity Pros ‘To the Core’

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Lastly, one more state joins the federal FEMA declaration list now topping nine!!

Delaware Hurricane Sandy

  • 10/29/2012 01:10 AM EDT
  • Emergency Declaration number 3357 on Oct 29, 2012

Be safe!