The major winter storm that struck the east coast this weekend (AKA Jonas) delivered on one predictable human behavior. This behavior is witnessed with any potential disaster event that can be predicted or forecasted and that includes winter storms or hurricanes. What is the behavior?

Frantic food shopping.

I always think to myself…does no one have any food at home anymore?!?!? ;-)

What I find interesting is that apparently everyone buys the same thing: milk, bread and eggs (probably even if they don’t eat those things!).

An article in the Atlantic described the shopping frenzy as the holy trinity of winter-storm preparedness. And it points out some of the odd thinking about these three things…bread makes sense. Doesn’t require electricity or gas to cook, you can make great PBJs or maybe a cheese sandwich. But milk and eggs require utilities to do something with. Raw eggs and spoiled milk isn’t too appealing.

Maybe it is a concept of “groupthink” when you see others grabbing those things and you think to yourself, “I better get mine!”

Whatever causes it, it is interesting!


And while you are thinking about, why don’t you work on your “regular emergency supplies” and beef up your food selections. ;-)

Just saying…