Train Derailment At The Bend Of The Tracks. The &Quot;A&Quot; Is The Location Of Msi Corporation.
Train derailment at the bend of the tracks. The “A” is the location of MSI Corporation.

You may say that would never happen to you! I bet that is what all of the businesses said that were near that big bend in the tracks in Vandergrift, Pa. A train crashed into a building owned by the MSI Corporation, which makes metal products. Many other businesses nearby were evacuated as well. Have you looked over your risk assessment lately? Are you near train tracks? Is a train derailment and subsequent evacuation in your future?

A 120-car Norfolk Southern train carrying heavy Canadian crude oil derailed and spilled in western Pennsylvania on Thursday.  This is just one of many recent accidents that have prompted calls for stronger safety standards. There were no reports of injury or fire after 21 tank cars came off the track and crashed into a nearby industrial building at a bend by the Kiskiminetas River in the town of Vandergrift. Nineteen of the derailed cars were carrying oil, four of which spilled between 3,000 and 4,000 gallons of oil, Norfolk Southern said. The leaks have since been plugged. Two other derailed tank cars held liquefied petroleum gas.

A Oil Train Derailment Near Vandergrift, Pa.
A oil train derailment near Vandergrift, Pa.

Thursday’s accident is the latest in a spate of crude oil train derailments that has prompted calls for more stringent rules regulating crude shipments by rail, which have soared in recent years as pipelines fail to keep up with growing supply. Railroad companies, tank car owners and regulators are investigating ways to transport crude on the rails more safely. Much of the focus is on phasing out older tank cars that do not meet the latest safety standards. This accident was the second in less than a month in Pennsylvania. A train hauling crude on a CSX railroad jumped the tracks and nearly toppled over a bridge in Philadelphia on Jan. 20. There were no injuries or fire in that incident. A train carrying Bakken oil from North Dakota last July derailed and exploded in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, killing 47 people and destroying much of the small town.