A friend recently sent me this email, wondering out loud if it was real and commenting on how funny it was….the email read:

Front Fell Off

So what is it?  Supposedly, the video shows a news interview in which Australian Senator Collins talks about a recent oil tanker mishap off the coast of Australia in which “the front fell off” the ship spilling 20,000 tons of crude oil into the ocean. Senator Collins comments are so ridiculous and bizarre that the interview is pretty funny. The Senator and interviewer’s humor is implied to unintentional.

Front Fell Off 5
The video does not depict the real Senator Collins or any other actual government spokesperson. Instead it is one episode of a long running humor segment delivered by Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe. The "Front Fell Off" episode first aired back in 1991. For a number of years, the duo has delivered their stinging, satirical take on Australian politics and society on radio and television.

Clarke and Dawe are well known in Australia, and, when the “interviews” are aired in their original context, most viewers would very quickly realize that they are only for entertainment and feature an actor just pretending to be the high-profile “interviewee” named in the episode. Outside of Australia however people do get duped!

Make it a habit to take a few key words out of such an email and “google” them.  It takes usually only a page or two to decipher the story, where it came from and if indeed it is a hoax…and if you find out something new, send it back to the originator of the message so hopefully things stop circulating.  Dream on I suppose, heh?!?