Us Medical Experts State That The Deadly Ebola Outbreak Sweeping Across Three Countries In West Africa Is Likely To Last 12 To 18 Months More, Much Longer Than Anticipated, And Could Infect Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Before It Is Brought Under Control.
US medical experts state that the deadly Ebola outbreak sweeping across three countries in West Africa is likely to last 12 to 18 months more, much longer than anticipated, and could infect hundreds of thousands of people before it is brought under control.

The west is finally getting it together to help the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As part of that effort, the CDC is developing an introductory training course for licensed clinicians (e.g., nurses, physicians, and other healthcare providers) intending to work in an Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Africa. This training will take place in the US.

The primary purpose of the course is to ensure that clinicians intending to provide medical care to patients with Ebola have sufficient knowledge of the disease and its transmission routes to work safely and efficiently in a well-designed ETU. This course is the first step in preparing clinicians to work independently in an ETU. It is strongly recommended that, after completing this training, clinicians receive mentoring and coaching in an ETU designated for such training in an affected country, only then progressing to fully independent work in an ETU.

The CDC course contains information from similar courses developed by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and is primarily designed to provide training for persons intending to deploy urgently in response to the current Ebola outbreak.

If you are a qualified medical professional and want to volunteer to work in West Africa assisting those affected by the Ebola outbreak, please go to the USAID site (see below) to submit your contact information to USAID’s Center for International Disaster Information.

If you wish to contribute to organizations who are responding to the Ebola outbreak, you may choose an organization from the List of Non-Governmental Organizations Responding to Ebola.