Really?  I Mean Really? You Think This Way?!?!?!
Really? I mean really? You think this way?!?!?! Really????

Fear mongering is rampant in the US over Ebola. I am happy not to have a TV to endure it – the Internet is plenty. CNN and Fox are working over time to make American’s crazy and alas many folks don’t seek out credible information. You know it is bad when the British press has stories with the titles “Six Signs the US Media can’t cope with the Ebola story.” The Rush Limbaugh clip at the end sums it up perfectly! He told listeners to his radio show that Barack Obama was being slow to prevent the spread of Ebola as the president believes white people in the US “deserve” to get the virus as punishment for slavery.If you would like to raise your blood pressure this morning, click on this link and you can listen to six media clips that are actually hard to fathom. The rest of the world must think we are NUTS!–ey5QTcwnHe


Please educate your family, neighbors and colleagues. If you need more information, go to the CDC website for starters. Good solids medical information there – not a bunch of crazy stuff! Start here.

Francis Bacon said it best, “Knowledge is power”. Learn about Ebola.