Tornado SeasonTornado season is upon us.

Last night, a band of tornadoes swept across northern Illinois on Thursday, killing at least one person, trapping more than a dozen inside a collapsed building and causing significant damage to homes and businesses, according to local news media reports.  Tornado season is BACK!  Time to get ready!

1. Check The Forecast

This seems like a given but the weather is constantly changing and evolving and so is what the meteorologists say. Continue to check the weather and prepare accordingly right down to the last possible moment before you have to leave. This is especially important living in Texas, where you can have each season in a week or day’s duration. We recommend downloading a secondary weather app in addition to the one that comes on your phone at the time of purchase that will give you a little more insight and depths into the conditions ahead.

2. Have A Plan

The importance of having a plan set in stone is imperative to handling a severe weather situation with ease. For those of you that have families, this is even more crucial because you want to be able to sit down with your little ones and explain to them what should happen if anything goes astray. We all would like to think that we will be with our children when something happens but sometimes that is not the reality of it. Come up with the plan as a family and then post it somewhere, like on the fridge, or give it a designated location for everyone to reference.

Peak Tornado Occurence

3. Be Knowledgeable

There’s a difference in having a plan and being knowledgeable about different types of weather conditions. At your home, it’s easy enough to know what to do – find shelter, stay away from windows and don’t go outside. However, do you know what the best approach is if a tornado arose while you were in the car? Knowing what to do in each particular situation will save you time, stress and lives. The key factor to staying safe if you ever encounter a tornado while on the road is to not try to outrun it. Stop your car and try to find shelter.

4. Don’t Be The Hero

Of course we want everyone to be safe but remember too that you can’t help everyone. Get your family to safe cover then take care of yourself and your needs. You will be putting them at risk by throwing yourself into the ailments to help others. Let the news stations cover the storm – you don’t need to capture it on your home recorders for them.