Internet traffic company Dyn on Friday warned a third cyberattack is currently ongoing (2:00pm PT 10/21/16), hours after websites and services across the East Coast were initially shut down.

 Dyn reported that the attacks are “well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time.” A senior U.S. intelligence has been reporting that the current assessment is that this is a classic case of Internet vandalism. The official said it does not appear at this point to be any kind of state-sponsored or directed attack. Impossible to say how long it will take to say who’s responsible.

Dyn has said that one of the sources of the attack is coming from devices known as the “Internet of Things” devices such as DVRs, Printers, and appliances connected to the internet.

The company said in a conference call Friday afternoon that the attack is being waged from devices infected with a malware code that was released on the web in recent weeks.

Dyn said it has not heard from attackers and does not know who they are or if they want anything.