What a creative way to teach kids good cough hygiene…do the Dracula!

Teaching good hygiene skills can always be a bit of a challenge with kids.   Your chance of success increases substantially if we can make it fun!

Our New Role Model For Cough Hygiene?  Totally!
Our new role model for cough hygiene? Totally!

We have all seen those great old Dracula movies…the street is dark, the fog is low at ground level billowing in large clouds and suddenly he appears….Dracula!  His arm across his face holding his cape across his body!  Wow, what an entrance!

Bela Lugosi In The 1931 Classic Horror Film...dracula
Bela Lugosi in the 1931 classic horror film...Dracula

Bela Lugosi kept me up many nights as a young child and I am thinking this is a way he can redeem himself.  Teach your kids to “do the Dracula” – when coughing or sneezing, hold up your cape arm, bring your elbow close to your face and cough/sneeze into the crook of the elbow…

Dracula Moving His Arm Up Into Position...great Technique!
Dracula moving his arm up into position...great technique!

Just think of the costume possibilities!

Thanks to Ron LaPedis from Seacliff Partners for this great tip…

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