You will probably never have to evacuate your home, but if you did, have you ever thought what you would take with you?

Do you have a family plan? What is important? What can’t be replaced? What should be left behind? Ten minutes is a short amount of time and will be quickly wasted if you have not prepared in advance. This short video tells the story of two different families, one who has developed a family evacuation plan and the other, well, they haven’t a clue!


Family Evac
This video is a great training video for your staff and an excellent motivational training tool. You could easily show this at a staff meeting or a “lunch and learn” session that promotes home and family preparedness.

The key messages of the film:
1. Develop a plan – what you take and who packs what.
2. Prepack emergency supplies, records and important family documents and pictures.
3. Prepare a home inventory of all of your possessions. A video or photos to document the inventory is also helpful.
4. Have an emergency contact who is out of the area who can serve as a communication hub for you.

Start your week by taking the challenge!  Let me know how you do!