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What would we do without our digital devices: mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. It seems as if we live and breathe by them. You don’t realize how dependent you are on them until they are dead! How can you get them charged, keep them charged and extend their battery life?

Here are a few tips:

Power inverter

My personal favorite is a power inverter.  I keep one in my car at all times. They plug directly into the cigarette lighter. It will accommodate any two or three-pronged electrical device and that means you don’t need a special car charger for your phone. The inverter can be used to convert DC power from your car battery into AC juice for things usually plugged into a wall outlet.

Solar Battery Charger

My second favorite device is a solar charger. I have a small one for my IPhone and a larger one for other devices.  As long as there is sun, I am good to go!

Battery Charger

A backup charger for your phone or tablet can keep you linked in longer.

  • “Juice packs” can be bought for $100 or less (Mophie, for one, makes them for Apple and Android devices) and many of the chargers double as protective cases for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Alternately, battery-powered backup chargers like the Zagg Sparq can provide several full charges for your mobile devices after the usual electrical options are gone.

Need Power?  Burn Something!

After Hurricane Sandy knocked out power in the Northeast, a New York start-up came up with a good publicity stunt: light a fire so people could charge their dead cellphones.

BioLite, a 15-person company based in Brooklyn, sells a $130 camp stove that doubles as a power source. You light a fire inside a metal fuel chamber, where a thermoelectric generator converts the heat into electricity to run a fan. The fan blows air into the fire to oxygenate it and create a clean burn. The generator also powers a USB port for charging phones and other electronics. http://biolitestove.com/

Use Your Laptop To Charge Your Devices

This is how normally charge my phone on most days. When other power sources go out, you can plug your phone or tablet into the laptop, via the USB port, for the extra juice.

Stop Running Apps

Check your phone’s settings. Some apps quietly run in the background even when you’re not using them, causing your battery to drain faster. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are two examples, but there are plenty of others.

SMS Rather Than Phone Calls

SMS/texting burns less power than a phone call and when there is heavy phone use or damaged cells, it is more likely to go through.

Lower The Light

Dimming your screen’s brightness will help conserve power.

Use A Battery-Life App

Several free apps for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices promise to help you extend your phone’s battery life.

  • One such app is Carat, which observes how you use your smartphone and makes personalized suggestions about which power-sucking apps you might delete.

Thanks to Rick Werth for passing along many of these suggestions. Would love to know if you have others that you use?!?!?!?