Crisis Averted

I hope that in the light of Harvey and the oncoming Irma, that you are all looking over your crisis communications plan, whether or not you were or could be affected. The time to prepare is before, not in the middle of a crisis.  That is particularly true for timely and effective crisis communications.

When companies are asked what areas need to be improved after any disaster inevitably “communications” shows up as one of the most important areas for improvement. “Communications” is, of course, a broad topic; however, there is one comment that is probably heard more than any others: “Communications need to be more timely.”

If that’s been your company’s experience, this presentation will focus on a four-part solution that will help solve this long-standing problem.

Topics Covered

  • Developing a communications governance document, detailing who approves what message, when, and how.
  • Creating a crisis communications plan that notes clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Developing pre-written and approved templates for prompt communication.
  • Identifying effective communication tools that get your message out right away.
  • Attend this presentation and walk away with some concrete solutions and ideas to fix to the age old problem of slow communications.