It’s everywhere, its everywhere…Social media is pervasive…. it seems as if it has always existed although it has only been a few short years.  What is the definition of social media (SM)?  SM is web-based and mobile technologies that are able to turn communication into an interactive dialogue, allowing the creation and exchange of user-generated content.  There are three key things to remember:

  • Mobile.
  • Interactive
  • User generated.

It however by its “loose” nature, presents a variety of challenges to IT departments.  We have had numerous clients who have had malware and viruses introduced into the environment by Facebook and external blogs.

Mcafee Report
McAfee, the experts in cybersecurity and safety has just issues a new report that you may download on line.

Here are some of the nuggets:

  • Social media management – by virtue of the sheer numbers of social media users and the importance of the applications for which the technology is used – cannot be ignored by corporate decision makers.
  • Social media creates a number of potential risks for firms of any size and across all industries. These risks are focused primarily on a) the ingress of malware that could wreak financial or other havoc in an organization; b) the potential for employees to post content that could harm their employer; and c) not retaining business records that must be preserved to satisfy legal, regulatory or other obligations.
  • Any organization – whether or not it sanctions the use of social media – must develop detailed policies focused on how and when social media can and cannot be used.
  • The technologies exist to monitor and archive social media content in a way that can minimize corporate risk – every organization should evaluate and deploy technologies that will meet their requirements.

Care to read the report?  Click on the link below and sit back with a cup of Joe and be prepared to get nervous!