Atlanta Weather Oh my, it is so early in the year for things to be going so badly for some! I keep asking myself, what were they thinking in preparation and response to this winter storm in Georgia?!?

Today, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal apologized to people who were stranded on roadways and to the parents whose children had to stay overnight in schools after Tuesday’s snowfall.

 Quite the weather and emergency management fiasco!

The governor threw himself on the sword by clearly stating that 

”The buck stops with me.”  He went on to say, “As a parent, I certainly understand how someone would feel if their child was either on a school bus or at a school and unable to come back home.”  

”Our preparation was not adequate and I accept responsibility for that.”

The governor has ordered an internal review by “all agencies involved in this process,” and he will accept offers of external review by outside agencies.  I bet that is gonna hurt!