CyberI am doing an complimentary webinar today at 10am PT: Developing An Exercise To Assess The Impact Of Cyber Attacks And Breaches.

One of the ways to prepare for and give advance thinking on how your company could manage this type of incident is to conduct a cyber security exercise. Join Regina Phelps on Tuesday, August 18th at 1:00 PM EDT (17:00 GMT) for Training Drills: Continuity Planning and Mitigating the Impact of Cyber Attacks and Breaches and learn how to go about developing a realistic cyber security exercise that will challenge the Incident (Crisis) Management Team, the technology staff, and the business units.

This complimentary webinar will focus on designing an exercise that emphasizes the impact of such a breach. Topics Covered:

  • What do you need to consider when designing a cyber security exercise?
  • Who should be involved in the planning?
  • How do you focus on the impacts?
  • How can you challenge everyone, not just the “techies”?
  • What are the possible communication challenges and solutions?–continuity-planning-mitigating-impact-cyber-attacks-breaches.html?trk=PARTNER_RP_REGINA_PHELPS-AUG