Near Oklahoma City, A Half-Mile Wide Tornado Was Reported, Prompting A Stark Alert From The Weather Service: &Quot;You Could Be Killed If Not Underground Or In A Tornado Shelter,&Quot; The Advisory Said.
Near Oklahoma City, a half-mile wide tornado was reported, prompting a stark alert from the Weather Service: “You could be killed if not underground or in a tornado shelter,” the advisory said.

People in Kansas and Oklahoma found themselves taking shelter amid wailing warning sirens Sunday as tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down as part of an extreme weather system plowing through the nation’s midsection.

The system, which stretched from North Texas to Minnesota, also heaved hail — dime to softball sized — as well as heavy rainfall.

Tomorrow Is Not Expected To Be Any Better - If You Live In The Midwest - Stay Alert!
Tomorrow is not expected to be any better – if you live in the midwest – stay alert!