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Over the weekend the British paper, The Telegraph reported that the new security staff, who have been recruited to shorten queues at Britain’s largest airport in the run up to the Games, are repeatedly “missing” passengers on the British Home Office watch list who should be referred to counter-terrorism officers when they reach passport control.

A UK Border Agency official told the newspaper anonymously that three terror suspects had been waved through by staff on his shifts since the start of July. All three were registered on the Home Office suspect index system. The official told the paper that the new recruits are not getting enough time to be taught. Those working on passport desks have received just basic training with some only getting a day’s tuition instead of the standard six to eight weeks.

It was also revealed this weekend that the security company who has the contract for all Game security, G4S, will not be able to meet its target of 10,000 trained staff thereby necessitating the British military to fill in the gaps.  A government department, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), noted that it was only last Wednesday that it became clear that the security contractor was not going to meet its commitment and that thousands of additional troops would have to be drafted in.  This has created quite a stir in Britain with the papers are having a field day and the politicians doing a lot of finger pointing back and forth!  Stay tuned.