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Run – Hide – Fight is a powerful new video created by “Ready Houston,” a not-for-profit organization whose goal is getting Houston ready for a major disaster.  Their motto: Make a Plan, Build a Kit, Stay Informed, Know your Neighbors tells you quickly what the organizations mission is all about.

This six minute video tells the story of an office shooting and quickly informs the viewer that you have three choices to make:

  1. Run
  2. Hide
  3. Fight

It details clearly what to do in each of the three categories and notes that you need to make the decision at the time based on the circumstances.  There is no one answer for all shooter situations.

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Watch this video with your co-workers, your family, your church group and your friends.  Talk about what you would do and talk through different scenarios.  As our past has shown us, this scenario seems to be growing with frequency.  We all need to have thought through what we would do it we hear gunshots or see a shooter in front of us.