You often hear phrases like “return on investment” (ROI) or “value proposition” when groups or organizations attempt to demonstrate the value of a particular activity. “Is it good for us?” “Is it worth the investment?” and “Should we continue to fund the endeavor?” are all valid and important questions.

The challenge, then, for business continuity professionals is to deeply ask the question, “What is the ROI of business continuity?” In the “olden days,” colleagues would point to their business impact analysis (BIA), with pie charts and bar graphs showing the cost of business downtime. They’d sit back and say, “See? We provide ROI!” Not so fast… Is that really the best that continuity professionals can do?

This talk peels back the question of ROI and attempts to answer the value proposition question of business continuity. The goal is to broaden the conversation. Instead of talking about how much money business continuity efforts will save the company, we will focus on why the Bad Thing happened. By clearly understanding the whys of business continuity, you can make your organization more resilient and truly demonstrate value.

Topics Covered

  • Defining value.
  • Identify your top 7 values.
  • The art of framing the ROI question.
  • Developing your value “elevator speech.”

The goal of this presentation is to broaden the conversation. Download the slides to enter this critical conversation.