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Webinar: Novel Coronavirus: Crisis Management & Infectious Disease & Pandemic Planning

The current novel coronavirus (2019nCov) outbreak has been spreading across the globe infecting thousands of people in dozens of countries. This has created anxiety around the globe, affected company supply chains and caused The World Health Organization to enact  the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) designation for only the sixth time since 2005. What should your company be doing now to prepare?

This webinar looks at this emerging crisis from two vantage points: Crisis Management & Infectious Disease & Pandemic Planning. Does your organization have the right processes in place to get the situational awareness you need to make decisions? Is there a clear process and team in place assess the information and to make a decision to activate your crisis management team?

Do you have a pandemic plan and if so, when was it last revised? If not, you need one. Stop and take a moment to rethink this plan and how it can be more helpful in more disease situations, not just the “once-in-a-blue-moon” event such as a global pandemic. What if you had a cases of measles in your call center? That would be a true crisis and it is only happening to you.

There is a more useful way to view this important document – as an “all-purpose” disease plan rather than just a global pandemic guide. Consider making an infectious disease and pandemic guide.


BRMA January 2017 Meeting

What is the ROI of Business Continuity? Reframe the conversation to talk about value.

You often hear phrases like “return on investment” (ROI) or “value proposition” when groups or organizations attempt to demonstrate the value of a particular activity. “Is it good for us?” “Is it worth the investment?” and “Should we continue to fund the endeavor?” are all valid and important questions.

This talk peels back the question of ROI and attempts to answer the value proposition question of business continuity. The goal is to broaden the conversation. Instead of talking about how much money business continuity efforts will save the company, we will focus on why the Bad Thing happened. By clearly understanding the whys of business continuity, you can make your organization more resilient and truly demonstrate value. Download the slides to enter into this important conversation.

What is the ROI of Business Continuity

ACP Mid Florida Meeting (post DRJ),  March 2015,  Orlando, Florida

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Social Media

Practical Guide to Standards

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Leadership At Times Of Crisis

Develop A Great Incident Mgmt Team

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Leadership at Times of Crisis

What Should We Be Planning For

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What has business continuity learned from the H1N1 pandemic?

Kentuckiana Contingency Planners (KCP)
Oct. 8, 2009 – Louisville, Kentucky

Pandemic Update Slides
Pandemic Exercise

San Francisco Foundation: Pandemic Planning for the Not-for-Profit Community
August 13, 2009 – San Francisco, CA

Pandemic Planning With Limited Time
SFF Not For Profit Worksheet Pandemic Update – Aug. 12, 2009
SMDPH – Community Based Orgs – Template

ACP Meeting, August 11, 2009 San Francisco, CA

ACP Pandemic Update August 2009
WHO Outbreak Communication Guidelines

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Pandemic Flu – VISA 2009
Pandemic Update – VISA 2009

World Conference on Disaster Management, June 2009, Toronto

H1N1 Update

Transportation Sector Pandemic Workshop, June 11, New Jersey

Participant Handout
Pandemic Overview Slides
Transportation Briefing

The Disaster Resource GUIDE and the Varolii Corporation

Workplace Violence Prevention – Strategies to Effectively Plan, Prevent, Communicate, Respond, and Recover Webinar

DRJ, San Diego, September 15, 2008

A Storm is Brewing – Climate Change and Business Continuity Planning

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DRJ Webinar, Pandemic Planning, February 2008

Community Mitigation Guidelines
Guidance on Antiviral Drug Use
OSHA Proposed Guidance Stockpiling Respirators
Overview of Proposed Federal Guidance on Antiviral Drug
Pandemic Comms Impact Study-December 2007
Proposed Considerations for Antiviral Drug Stockpiling by Employers
Proposed Guidance on Antiviral Drug Use Strategies

DRJ Fall World, San Diego, September 2007

Pandemic Planning – Department Store Style
Pandemic Planning – Department Store Style! Jim Hedrick – Macy’s Inc.

World Conference on Disaster Management, Toronto CA, July 2007

Corporate Pandemic Planning
How To Implement A Pandemic Plan

SF Ready 2007

The Importance of Pandemic Planning
Survival of Influenza Virus on Banknotes I
Survival of Influenza Virus on Banknotes II

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Pandemic Influenza – What are you doing to get ready?

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How to Implement a Pandemic Plan

World Conference on Disaster Mgmt Toronto, Canada June 2006

How to Develop a Pandemic Plan

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The Greatest Threat of our Lifetime? The Next Pandemic
Business Planning for a Pandemic
Pandemic Websites

Iowa Contingency Planners

New: Business Pandemic Planning
The Atlantic, 10 years Later
It’s a Flat World, After All
Economist Survey
DesMoines Register
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Disaster Resource Guide

All Hazards Vs Homeland Security Planning

DRJ San Diego 2005 Fall World

Its Hard to Plan If You Don’t Know What You Are Facing – Conducting a Risk Assessment
Hazard Assessment

Safety and Health Summit, Omaha Nebraska May 2005

What’s in the Air?

DRJ – Orlando 2005

Pandemic Planning Handouts

15th WCDM

Protecting Your Greatest Asset

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