Computer Model Simulation Showing The Surface Winds Flowing In And Around Super Typhoon Vongfong.

Computer model simulation showing the surface winds flowing in and around Super Typhoon Vongfong. It is so beautiful, it looks like an art piece.

Super Typhoon Vongfong is currently moving through the Pacific Ocean, creating waves of 50 feet or higher, created by the sustained winds of 165 miles per hour. The storm should make landfall in Japan, with its impacts reaching the Ryukyu Islands as early as Saturday, followed by mainland Japan.

The Super Typhoon peaked in strength late on Tuesday, when it contained sustained winds of at least 180 miles per hour with gusts higher than 200 miles per hour. Satellite imagery and computer model simulations from Tuesday and Wednesday show the storm in stunning detail.

The eye of Vongfong has fluctuated between about 19 and 30 miles wide. The storm has exhibited spirals of low clouds in the middle of the eye, where the air is sinking and warming, and the winds are comparatively calm.

The Storm Looks Like A Donut — Which Is A Sign Of An Extremely Healthy, Violent Storm.
The storm looks like a donut — which is a sign of an extremely healthy, violent storm.

That is a lot of agitation going on!