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Cyber Breach: Designing an exercise to map a ready strategy (Conference Pickup)


Businesses and organizations defend against unending attempts to steal their computer data or damage their systems. Few, however, have serious plans for how they will respond to the impact of an actual breach. And few stress test those plans.  Such “exercises” force real-time decision-making and actions like a fire drill, but cyber incidents are infinitely more complicated.

Such “exercises” force real-time decision-making and actions the same way a fire drill in a large complex might not go well the first time.  The problem is that cyber incidents are infinitely more complicated.

This book shows Business Continuity Planners, Crisis Managers and their IT counterparts how to stage a cyber incident exercise that will test preparedness, surface unconsidered circumstances, and sharpen the responsiveness of everyone from top executives to line technologists.  

It focuses on Advanced Tabletop, Functional, and Full-scale exercises.  And it covers everything from broad strategies to minute-to-minute decision-making in a “safe” process that brings experience and insight to everyone.  It provides very specific step-by-step instructions – starting from the earliest planning to after-action reports.  

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