Gov. Rick Perry Attempting To Allay The Fears Of Texans After Ebola Was Discovered In Their State.
Gov. Rick Perry attempting to allay the fears of Texans after Ebola was discovered in their state.

As you would expect, the number of possible contacts with the Ebola patient in Dallas, Texas has risen… it is now estimated to be 80.

The family of the patient now identified as Thomas Eric Duncan, are confined to their apartment and the front and back areas, such as the patio.

Parents rushed to get their children from school Wednesday after learning that five students may have had contact with the Ebola patient in a Dallas hospital, as Gov. Rick Perry and other leaders reassured the public that there is no cause for alarm.

Remember that Ebola is not an airborne disease like influenza or the common cold, it requires CONTACT with bodily fluids (you know the list) and is not a disease that can be caught casually.

If you want to do something to allay your disease anxieties, go get a flu shot and check your current status on immunizations for yourself and your family.

Keep breathing everyone.