Howard University Hospital, Washington, Dc
Howard University Hospital, Washington, DC

This case was ruled out on October 4 – the patient does not have Ebola.

With US hospitals on high alert and hopefully asking for travel history after they say hello, a patient is being evaluated for Ebola at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C. The person has been admitted to the hospital in stable condition and is isolated. The medical team is working with the CDC and other authorities to monitor the patient’s condition.

Between July 27 and Oct. 1, there have been 100 consultations between the CDC, state and local health departments, and healthcare providers regarding persons suspected of Ebola, according to a CDC spokesperson. Only 15 warranted testing by CDC or one of the labs certified to do Ebola testing because they met the profile and symptoms were consistent. And only one of those 15 tested positive for Ebola.

Fourteen labs in the U.S. can test for Ebola, and most will still send a sample to the CDC for confirmation.

As public health advocates had warned, the raging Ebola outbreak in West Africa has begun to affect Westerners, though the disease is difficult to spread casually.