Tomorrow I am heading off to Antarctica – the land of icebergs and penguins!

I will be in the southern region for thirty days. We start off by leaving from Ushuaia, the tiny tip at the end of Argentina, sail though the Beagle Channel and then into the Drakes passage – a wild region where three oceans meet (Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic) considered by some to be some of the most dangerous water in the world!

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I will be in the Antarctic Peninsula, Elephant Island, South Georgia and the Falklands…and then jump over to Chile and then to Easter Island.  Now this is a great disaster vacation!

  1. Climate change – our biggest disaster unfolding before our eyes
  2. Ernest Shackleton – the greatest crisis manager ever known
  3. Easter Island – look what happen to them – a complete collapse of the society

I have spoken and written about Climate Change and its disastrous effects for sometime and now get a chance to see it at ground zero.  When you look back over the past ten years, the majority of disasters in the United States are climate related.  In my crisis management presentations and writings I often speak of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his amazing story of being trapped two years on the ice in Antarctica and bringing all of his men back alive. An amazing feat let along the fact that it was in 1914!


As satellite coverage permits I will post a few pictures and some of my findings in this land of ice.

Stay tuned!