Image Of A Haz Mat Team Entering A Plane After A Man Who Had Been Coughing And Sneezing Screamed  &Quot;I Have Ebola.&Quot; He Tested Negative.
Image of a Hazardous Material Team entering a plane after it landed in the Dominican Republic after a man on-board, who had been coughing and sneezing screamed “I have Ebola.” He later tested negative.

It’s a zoo out there! From American streets to European airliners to British buses, the number of Ebola false alarms continues to mount as panic grows over spread of deadly disease:

  • Australia: a plane made emergency landing when passenger vomited blood.
  • Czech Republic: Tests show man with symptoms of Ebola does not in fact have virus.
  • Taiwan: woman tested negative for Ebola after showing symptoms of virus.
  • UK: Scare at Liverpool coach station after passenger collapsed and vomited, medical staff boarded coach in protective gear and removed the woman. Doctors at Royal Liverpool Hospital confirmed she did not have Ebola.
  • USA: Another scare when man yelled ‘I have Ebola!’ on flight from Philadelphia; 4 Hazmat officers rushed onto US Airways plane to Dominican Republic (joke!).
  • USA: CDC is handling more than 800 false alarms a day from worried Americans.
  • Dallas County sheriff tested negative after being in the Dallas apartment where Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan stayed before he was admitted to the hospital. He had no protective clothing and spent about 30 minutes inside.

In other words, it is getting crazy out there. Get a grip out there. Your chances of being exposed to this disease are miniscule. Practice good hand hygiene and cough protocols. Don’t panic!