When you think it can’t get any bigger – think again! It’s not just the numbers but quality of the data that makes this one rich. The Anthem cyber security breach will be interesting to watch.

This time hackers gained access to up to 80 million records that included Social Security numbers, birthdays, addresses, email and employment information and income data for customers and employees. Everything someone needs to do a good job of stealing your identity.

Insurance Giant Anthem Hit By Massive Data BreachAnthem says there is “no evidence” that medical information — such as test results and diagnostics — or financial data such as credit card and bank account records were taken.

Somehow when Joseph Swedish, president and CEO of Anthem proclaimed, “Anthem’s own associates’ personal information — including my own — was accessed during this security breach,” I didn’t feel any better.

Experts said the information was vulnerable because Anthem did not take steps, like protecting the data in its computers though encryption, in the same way it protected medical information that was sent or shared outside of the database.