Screen Shot 2013-02-15 At 1.59.46 PmI am in Argentina on my way to Antarctica…when I saw the headline on the NYT online I thought to myself…you have got to be kidding!  I heard about the large meteor that broke windows and injured people and I frankly thought it was a hoax of a major magnitude!

Then I thought, this must be the DA14 asteroid that is 100 feet wide and due to pass by the earth in the next day.

But no…This was totally different and not expected!


What happened?!?!?! Around 1,200 people, 200 of them children, were injured, mostly by glass that exploded into schools and workplaces, according to Russia’s Interior Ministry. Others suffered skull trauma and broken bones. No deaths were reported. A city administrator in Chelyabinsk said that more than a million square feet of glass shattered, leaving many buildings exposed to icy cold.

And as scientists tried to piece together the chain of events that led to Friday’s disaster — on the very day a small asteroid passed close to Earth — residents of Chelyabinsk were left to grapple with memories that seemed to belong in science fiction.

And for those of us in the emergency management and business continuity business…we are now thinking of adding meteor showers and asteroid implosions!