From Routine To Crisis

Emergencies happen frequently in the world of technology. There are equipment failures, network snafus, and application meltdowns. Technology professionals are quite used to – and very adept at – being in the “fire-fighting” role. But what happens when the basic, old, “run-of-the-mill” emergency turns into a full-blown corporate-wide crisis? Is your incident management process apt to handle an escalated crisis?

Learn tips and best practices around IT incident management process as well as:

  • The difference between a routine emergency and crisis emergency
  • Considerations for escalating incidents outside of the IT department and into the organization
  • IT’s role within the Corporate Incident Management Team
  • How to assess the incident and create an incident action plan
  • The need for company wide incident communication.

This paper also included a webinar by Everbridge. Check their website in the webinar archives.