Cyber_Computer Being Hacked

The headline is not new however this report documents the accountability gap between corporate leaders’ current awareness and readiness for cybersecurity challenges and where they need to be. The report title says it all: The Accountability Gap: Cybersecurity & Building a Culture of Responsibility

This study’s principal conclusion clearly mirrors today’s cybersecurity landscape: every organization is vulnerable to a cyberattack.

This report uses measures of awareness and readiness to assess three degrees of vulnerability — high, medium and low — each of which indicate differing needs to take action. 90% of respondents have a medium-to-high cybersecurity vulnerability. Low awareness and low readiness make a company highly vulnerable to a breach. High awareness and high readiness mean low vulnerability, but as the research demonstrates, conditions may shift quickly to make a company highly vulnerable.

  • High: 10% of the respondents have a high level of vulnerability and will likely reach crisis if they do not act quickly to address their cybersecurity posture
  • Medium: 80% of the respondents have a medium level of vulnerability
  • Low: 10% of the respondents have a low level of vulnerability, but there are still risks

This is worth your time to download the report (link below) and review and then pass onto senior executives.