EMS Solutions and Everbridge recently conducted a survey regarding active shooter preparedness.  What we found was a bit disturbing…we found that organizations are overwhelmingly concerned about violent acts – such as active shooter situations – taking place in their facilities which of course is not surprising given the events in the past few years. However, despite this concern, the majority of respondents said they were not properly prepared for an active shooter event.  Concern has not translated into action.

Key findings include:

  • 69 percent of organizations view an active shooter incident as a potential top threat, but 79 percent replied that their organizations were not fully prepared.
  • Communicating with and confirming the safety of those in an impacted building were seen as the biggest challenges during an active shooter situation by 71 percent of organizations, yet 39 percent still said they didn’t have a communications plan in place.
  • 61 percent of organizations do not run any active shooter preparedness drills at all.

Download the companion eBook, “Active Shooter Preparedness; Current State of Readiness; Detailed Guide on How to Be Prepared,” and learn about what your organization can do to prepare for the active shooter threat.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Key findings from Everbridge’s and Emergency Management and Safety (EMS) Solutions “Active Shooter Preparedness Survey”
  • Seven recommendations to prepare for an active shooter situation.
  • The importance of rapid and dynamic communication to save lives and inform stakeholders.

Look for information about an upcoming webinar on The 10 Best Practices for Active Shooter Preparedness on December 1, 2016.