Nasa Space Selfie (Image Credit: Nasa)
NASA Space Selfie (Image Credit: NASA)

“We’re very fortunate to be blessed with amazing content” (Jason Townsend, deputy social media manager from NASA).  OK, that is a major understatement. And you may say that you don’t…think again and read on.

How exactly NASA stumbled upon perhaps the greatest social media strategy of our time is a story of both blind luck and shrewd management. Of course, the space agency benefits by having amazing pictures, videos, and discoveries to share. Its content transcends demographics and platforms, because it highlights precisely what makes us so human. But its success also contains important lessons for any large organization trying to understand how to break down the barriers between itself and its public.

This article is worth your time – I would encourage you to read it. For those who still wonder about the value and/or power of social media this may have you look at things just a bit differently. And there is of course some great eye candy.