Moore Tornado Forming Outside Of Town
Moore tornado forming outside of town

The tornado threat remains high today in a region devastated yesterday by one-mile wide F4 twister. As the search for survivors continues, I find myself wondering (knowing well I live in EQ country, not tornado country) what procedures do they have in place in schools for tornado safety? I have always assumed there were shelters and/or basements that kids were quickly shuttled to when funnel clouds were eminent.  What building codes or planning processes might change after this horrific event?

The Radar Image Tells The Story Very Clearly.
The radar image tells the story very clearly.
Cars Pushed Up And Into The Entrance Of Moore Medical Center.
Cars pushed up and into the entrance of Moore Medical Center.
The Path Of The Tornado - Two Schools And A Medical Center In The Direct Route.
The path of the tornado – two schools and a medical center in the direct route.
Children's Toys Found .25 Miles Away From The School.
Children’s toys found .25 miles away from the school.