Mers-Cov Cases Continue To Climb And SpreadThe total number of cases of MERS-CoV infection in Saudi Arabia stands at 463 including 126 deaths. Of the 14 newly confirmed MERS-CoV infections, 3 were in individuals initially hospitalized for other co-morbidities for a period of time prior to the onset of MERS-CoV symptoms. Only 2 of the 14 newly confirmed cases were described to have had contact with a previously confirmed case of MERS-CoV infection, and both of these individuals were described as having asymptomatic infections. A recent series of media reports from the Philippines mentioning the death of a Filipina nurse in Saudi Arabia from MERS-CoV raised the query whether this was a previously reported case in a healthcare worker (HCW) or if this was a relatively newly reported case where the HCW profession was not mentioned as a possible exposure.