A Familiar Site In The Ny Region During Superstorm Sandy.
A familiar site in the NY region during Superstorm Sandy.

In response to the severe gas shortage during Hurricane Sandy, New York is creating a $10 million gasoline reserve to prevent shortages during disasters… very smart! The reserve is expected to hold three million gallons of fuel and New York is the first state gasoline reserve in the nation.

Hurricane-Sandy-Gasoline-Crisisjpg-59C437Ba64E1C006The gas shortage caused long lines at gas stations across the region and left emergency responders without enough fuel. The supply will be held at a Northville Industries complex on Long Island, but the gasoline could be delivered to other parts of the state where needed. Northville was chosen through competitive bidding and still must have a formal contract approved,

Having an emergency gasoline storage available could prevent days of lines at gas stations if another major storm hits the state, Experts appointed by Gov. Cuomo after the storm to study how to better prepare for disasters had several recommendations. One was to create such a reserve. Another is to require many gas stations on Long Island and in New York City and Westchester and Rockland Counties to have backup power during an emergency.