As if business and government didn’t have enough to worry about when considering cyber security, Isis has emerged as a real player in the cyber space. Isis has been highly effective at transfixing the world with its ultraviolent ideology with it’s dramatic bloodshed and destruction. Its leaders’ also apparently have an equal amount of enthusiasm for modern technology and the Internet.

A recent article in the Guardian highlights this disturbing trend. Apparently Isis has been recruiting hackers for some time now. Some are virtual collaborators from a distance, but others have been recruited to immigrate to Syria. Their activities include targeting the west, maintaining Internet access in Isis territories, and instructing members on security. A full-service IT department!

The group’s skill at manipulating social media, for recruitment and projection of power, has been acknowledged even by enemies and rivals, who have poured resources into trying to dismantle, defuse – or in the case of other jihadi groups, emulate – its online success.

Perhaps its most dramatic publicity coup came in January, when the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US Central Military Command (Centcom) were hacked by a group calling itself the “CyberCaliphate”

The hackers scrawled, “I love you Isis” across the page and sent out tweets including pictures showing US personnel in a command outpost and military documents, suggesting Isis sympathizers had somehow infiltrated military servers and installations.

The article is worth the read – check it out on the link below.