Invent It Challenge 1

What is it? 

A group of science-based organizations are calling on young inventors with the cry” People around the world need your help!” They go on to say that a person can be a single contributor or do a project with a team. The call is to invent a new and innovative solution to a problem relating to natural disaster preparation or relief.

Why take part in the Invent It Challenge?


  • Learn how an inventor thinks!
  • Share your invention with the world!
  • Meet other inventors! 


  • Engage students in a motivational STEM learning experience
  • Bring Smithsonian expertise and resources into your classroom
  • Get free ready-to-use teaching materials

Who can take part in the Invent It Challenge?

One winner will be chosen for each age range (5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-21) for both individual and team entries.

Time is a wasting!  The deadline for submissions is March 19, 2019…get going, the world needs your imagination and great ideas!