The Cleanup At The Apartment Where The First U.s. Victim Lived.
The cleanup at the apartment where the first U.S. victim lived.

ACE Ltd., based in Zurich, warns of possible restrictions on Ebola liability claims  and business liability coverage. ACE Ltd., may apply these restrictions to new and renewal policies for firms with employees traveling to “certain African countries,” according to the company.

“ACE is a global insurer that underwrites difficult and complex risks,” the firm wrote in a statement. “The company’s global casualty unit, which offers coverage for U.S.-based companies and organizations that travel or have operations outside the U.S., is selectively using a policy endorsement to exclude Ebola on a case-by-case basis for insureds that have foreign travel exposure to certain African countries with potentially higher risk exposure.”

“The endorsement is being applied during the underwriting process only on new and renewal policies based on information about each company’s travel to and operations in select territories,” it added.

Insurance executives and brokers said the types of customers potentially affected by ACE’S move could include energy and commodities firms, media businesses, nongovernmental organizations and religious groups. Insurance companies can deny coverage to customers with higher risks, charge them a higher premium or put caps on payouts for claims.