Hurricane Bertha

I never think of the UK and hurricanes in the same sentence. My ignorance I suppose so I was surprised to read about Hurricane Bertha storming towards the UK from the Caribbean. Yesterday, Hurricane Bertha began heading north and then east after gaining momentum in the Bahamas.

The National Hurricane Center has reported that it is expected to grow in size before becoming a post-tropical hurricane with winds of up to 73mph, reaching Ireland on the evening of August 9. The UK Met Office however states that its definite course is still unknown and surmises that Bertha could also tilt towards France and miss the UK completely or that it might just be a fairly active summer storm. They hedge their bets by stating that if it does affect the UK it would be on August 10 or into the start of next week.

According to The Met Office Storm Tracker, Bertha is now a tropical storm barreling along at 60 knots. The UK government has advised people to stay up-to-date with the storm’s course on its website. At minimum it has advised to be prepared for some heavy rain across the UK towards the end of the week noting that all parts of the country will be affected.

North America and Canada have avoided the worst of Bertha, with the hurricane skating past its periphery. However, the East Coast is expected rough surf and the threat of dangerous rip currents.