This Is A Hoax

I heard from several clients today about a planned “day of rage” protest planned for this Friday. Apparently some security vendors are circulating the threat in a notification today. With a little research you can quickly find that the rumor that the hacktivist collective Anonymous has called for nationwide ‘Day of Rage’ protests on Friday July 15 2016 is false.

It is identical to a false rumor that circulated in 2014.

The hoax is quite elaborate with a detailed list of cities and locations for these supposed demonstrations.The list of cities has many misspelled names and streets.  There is a video that accompanies the posting (it is not on the official Anonymous YouTube Channel) and if you are familiar with their work, you can see it is clearly not theirs.

The link to the hoax and video can be found at Zero Hedge

The Snopes link that debunks the “day of rage” is