Airline StowawayThis story boggles the mind on so many levels. The feat of the boy surviving is the first thing, and then I think about, why am I removing my shoes and toiletries when someone can just jump a fence and climb into a plane wheel well?!?!? So much for airline security.

Think about that!

Hawaii Department of Transportation officials on Tuesday released closed circuit security video from the Maui airport that shows the teenager who stowed away in the wheel well of plane emerging from the aircraft.

The teen ran away from home and breached a fence at the San Jose, California airport last month, raced to a nearby Hawaiian Airlines jet sitting at a gate, and climbed into the wheel well, where he survived a five-and-a-half hour flight despite freezing temperatures and low oxygen.

630X355The video shows him lowering himself from the wheel well and dropping down to the concrete, where he is visibly shaky and unstable.

A worker then pulls up in an airport cart and the boy walks toward him, and they begin to talk. The teen is able to remain standing during this time. The airport worker eventually leads him away from the aircraft.

The boy was flown back to California last week and turned over to Santa Clara County Child Protective Services.