Happy New Year
What are your New Years resolutions? Consider getting prepared!

Many of us write New Years resolutions each year and after a few days or weeks see them drift away…it is hard to change personal behavior.  One thing you might want to really think about this year is one simple question…how prepared are you and your family for the disaster that is most likely to occur in your area or region?  If you are making lots of excuses or muttering about how busy you are…relax…take a deep breath and ask yourself, what is really important?  More than likely your family and your life come right up to the top.

Do something to help them, you and your community!  Get ready for the disaster that could befall your area or region.  There are lots of good sites online to get you started.  A very good one is www.ready.gov that details everything that you need to know to survive…

Make this your new years resolution and then get on it!

Happy New Year!