What a year….Hurricane Irene. The earthquake in Washington. Droughts and wildfires in Texas, and dust storms in Phoenix. Twisters in Joplin, Mo., and in Tuscaloosa, Ala. A snowmageddon in Chicago and the Missouri River floods. And that’s just in America.

2011 2
Chicago Storm (Feb 2011), Vermont Floods (Hurricane Irene), Texas Wildfires (seems like all year)

Outside the U.S., 2011 was equally disastrous. Japan faced an earthquake and tsunami of devastating proportions. New Zealand had a giant quake, the worst natural disaster in 80 years. Australia had a biblical flood. The worst drought in Africa in 60 years endangered millions of lives. Turkey’s quake was followed by an unusual, fatal cold, and Thailand in parts is still flooded. And as the year ends, the Philippines is experiencing torrential floods.

What is in store for us as we enter into 2012?!?  One can never be too sure…the only thing we can do is to prepare our families and our businesses and mitigate our risks wherever possible. And on that note…

Happy New Year

Have a great holiday and a safe new year! And may all of your disasters be tiny!